I set myself a challenge recently, and that was to find the very best online casinos that welcome Canadian players. That challenge did entail me signing up to and playing at a lot of different casino sites, however it did ultimately allow me to put together a shortlist of casinos that are perfectly for all players in Canada!

As such, if you have been tirelessly looking around the web in search of a Zodiac casino site that is going to offer you the very best of everything, then please do read through this guide.

What I have done to make it easier to find a casino at which to play at is to list the main stand out features that Jackpot City casino sites are going to be offering you below, but I have also listed a set of core values that each of the casinos also offer.

As such by signing up to any of the top rated following Canadian online casino sites I have mentioned below you are always going to be guaranteed of having a first class gaming experience, but one that you will enjoy and will be more than happy to return to whenever you are in a gambling frame of mind, so read on to find the very best casino sites that cater for all Canadian players!

Online Casino Canada

There are no excuses these days as to why any online casino site cannot pay you out your winnings quickly and never force you to have to wait days, weeks or even months to pay you out your winnings, and rapid winning payouts are something that Zodiac Casino always offers their winning players.

If you want to have the complete peace of mind that when you in playing casino games online in a  real money playing environment, that you are never going to be disappointed when it comes to getting paid out your winnings in a very timely fashion then it really is time to give that casino site a try.

One thing that is always going to be available to you when playing there is a banking interface that offers no end of payout options, and as such you always do have the choice in regards to just how you can choose as a payment method to receive your winnings.

Just make sure that you verify your casino account at the earliest opportunity, for as soon as you have had your account verified then you will always be benefitting from on time winning payouts and will never be forced to chase up any payouts, which you may have to do when playing elsewhere!

Progressive Jackpot Games at Online Casino Canada

It is Golden Tiger Casino that I would recommend you play at if you are a Canadian player who loves nothing more than getting stuck into playing huge jackpot awarding progressive casino games, for they do have a very impressive range of them on offer to their players.

Those games are designed and supplied by Microgaming so they are linked up to their entire network, which has the direct effect of ensuring the jackpots grow rapidly but those jackpots do tend to get fairly won very regularly too.

Microgaming have put in place a rule that states that as soon as a player wins one of their progressive jackpots it is instantly verified and that player is then fully able to make a withdrawal of their winnings.

However, unlike other casinos that impose maximum daily, weekly or monthly payout limits of jackpot winners, when you win a jackpot at Golden Tiger Casino you are going to be able to put in a withdrawal request for the entire amount!

Then it will be paid out to you in a single payment, and paid directly into your chosen bank account too, so that is one good reason to always play there as you could win a jackpot at any time!

Online Casino Canada Support

Please seriously consider signing up to and becoming a player at Blackjack Ballroom Casino if you want to have plenty of fun and inning opportunities, but also play at a casino site that does have some of the very best casino hosts in the business!

Loyalty to a casino site is of course a two way street, for you do have a plethora of different casino sites you can play at, but it is always going to be those that you do play at regularly that award your gaming action with plenty of extras that will be the very best sites to play at.

As a real money player at Blackjack Ballroom Casino you will be allocated your very own casino host and he or she will keep in touch with you regularly to ensure that you are kept up to date with everything that is available to you by way of promotional offers and exclusive bonus offers too.

Not only that but they do also offer a first class customer support service, so if you do ever have any questions what so ever, you are always going to be able to make contact with them through a range of different methods, including but not limited to an instant chat service!

Casino Club Canada

I usually tend to shy aware from showcasing to my website visitors casino sites that have only very recently launched, as I tend to look for casinos that have a solid track record in regards to giving their players the best levels of services and a range of additional other features including but not limited to rapid winning payouts!

However, if you are looking for a new casino site to sign up to and play at, then please do take a look a Cosmo Casino, for they are a casino site that is part of a much larger chain of online casinos who have a spotless reputation for giving players the best of everything so I am more than happy to showcase Cosmo Casino to you!

Some online casino sites really do go that little bit extra to ensure that all of their players are looked after and given the VIP treatment, and that is something that you are going to find is on offer to you at the opt rated Luxury Casino site.

They are another casino site that have chosen their gaming platform and range of games very carefully and wisely, and as such when playing at this state of the art casino site you are going to find all of the Microgaming designed and supplied games on offer to you.

You can play them online via and instant play gaming platform or if you prefer, and do want to have access to a much larger gaming suite then make sure you spend the few minutes only it will take to download their gaming platform and software onto your computer.

You will have plenty of bonuses and will be showered with comps too and as such with also rapid winning payout on offer and a first class customer support service you are always going to enjoy playing at Luxury Casino, of that I am sure.

Online Casino Canada Payment Options

One thing you are going to find on offer at each of the above named online casinos that accept Canadian players is the ability to find plenty of different payment options to allow you to seamlessly and in real time and therefore instantly make a deposit into your casino account.

There will also be a huge range of Canadian player friend withdrawal options available to players, and as such you are going to always find a fast and efficient way to get paid out your winnings too and not only have plenty of choice when making a deposit of how you fund your casino account.

All transactions can also be made in Canadian Dollars too, but keep in mind that it is as the point in time that you register as a new player that you are going to be given the option of choosing just which currency setting and option you have in place on your account.

So do make sure you pay careful attention when registering as a new player at any of the above named online casino sites, you will also be given several different language options too!

Licensed Online Casino in Canada

The casino sites that I have chosen to present to you above are all of course fully licensed and regulated and that is something you should always make a point of finding out about any online or mobile casino sites you sign up to and play at as not all of them are licensed (Ontario) by any gaming commission or any licensing authority.

By playing at those casino sites you will of course be guaranteed of having access to fair and random games, but each listed and approved casino site also adheres to some very strict laws and regulations too and that ensures fair play and transparency.

Therefore you will also have the full peace of mind in knowing that your gambling funds and winnings are always safe and secure and there will never be any problems when it comes to cashing out your winnings.

You will also need to prove you identity and age when playing at any of the above listed Canadian player friendly casino sites for all of them have some very strict now your customer regulations in place but as soon as you have verified your identity, age and address then you are always going to be able to play and cash out your winnings seamlessly!

Self Audit Facilities

There are two ways that you can self audit your gaming session at all of the Canadian player friendly online casino sites that I have listed above, and as such I will now give you an insight into both of those two ways.

All of your game play when playing for real money is logged on the respective casinos servers and as such at any time of your own choosing you can log into your real money account and click onto the play check button.

When you do so you will then be given access to all of your gaming logs in regards to any real money game you played and will see everything that happens in that game include the stake you played for when you played that game and also the outcome of each game too.

There is also a cash check button you can also choose to click on and by clicking on the cash check button you can then see a full audit trail in regards to all of the deposit you have made, when you made them and watch deposit option you used to deposit your money into each casino and will also see the status of all withdrawal you have made too!

Brand New Casino Games for Canada

It is always going to be the games that will probably interest you the most about any individual casino site you may be thinking of signing up to and playing at, and there are so many individual games available at the casino sites about you are going to have hours of fun playing them all.

In fact, there are so many of them available via the downloadable gaming platforms it may just take you several days if you ever did want to play all of them!

The payout percentages of each game and also the house edges are also published online as the games are supplied and have been designed by Microgaming, which does of course mean you are always going to be able to look up that information and find out in advance of playing any games just which ones are the best paying ones.

Do however also consider playing some of the progressive jackpot awarding games on offer at each of those casino sites as there are some mega sized jackpots always up for grabs and waiting to be won!

games a try as you can, for you are bound to find plenty of them you do want to play!

When it comes to risking your hard earned Canadian Dollars for online gambling there are plenty of online casino games available in Canada with good payouts but you should never take any chances, stick to reputable online casinos which have a solid track record and guarantee you fair and random games, if you don’t then you could be throwing your money away!

Online Casinos in Canada

By selecting the recommended microgaming casinos For Canada, Australia or the UK you probably have chosen one of the most trusted online gambling sites with secure and instant payouts available for Canadians.

Should you be looking for an online casino Canada where players are permitted to play at then you need to be aware that not all casino sites are up to the standards expected, and as such we have compiled a checklist type guide below which you should use to select your  great Canadian online casino.

Should you be one of our many Canada based online casino game players who looks for and demands the ultimate online gamng sessions then we can guarantee you will not find a better range of online casino sites at which to play at than those powered by Microgaming software.

We should start by telling you that all of our rated Microgaming Canadian online casinos will let you deposit and play and make withdrawals using CAD and that means you will be getting access to a range of new player sign up bonuses that are of course credited in Canadian Dollars.

Not only that but if can often be quite a task finding a convenient deposit option when you are based or residing in Canada and as such all of our Microgaming casinos sites have plenty of available banking options that have been specifically chosen to allow Canadians to be able to fund and also make withdrawals from their casino accounts in a very hassle free kind of way.

Should you decide to play at any of our top rated Canadian casino sites and you need and help of support then toll free Canada phone numbers are available meaning it wont cost you a cent to give them a bell and get the answers to any questions that you may have.

It is true to say that no matter what game you will be wanting to get stuck into at a Canadian online casino, Microgaming powered sites have by far the largest portfolio of games which incidentally many of which can be played for low stakes, the slot games for example have low stake settings of just one single cent!

However if you like playing for higher stakes then high stake options are also available on all games offer by our Microgaming casino sites. The high roller casino games you will have access too currently number far in excess of 700 of them, so no shortages of games will be found!

Should you be lucky enough to win a life changing jackpot on any of the Canadian Microgaming casinos’ progressive games then Microgaming insist that all winners of their networked progressive games get paid in one large fast paid lump sum so you will soon be out there spending your new found wealth!

Games on offer include video poker games with very high paying pay tables, slot games with the highest payout percentages in the industry and their card and table games all boast tiny house edges meaning you always have a fair and very real chance of winning.

Feel free to checkout any of our showcased and highly recommended Online Casino USA sites as each one of them is offering you the chance to play their gaming suites at no risk, and if you like what you see some huge sign up bonuses are on offer at all of them!

UK Online Casinos

UK casino players really are going to have a large and quite diverse range of different casino sites that they are going to be more than welcome to play at, however it will always be beneficial to find a casino site that gives you what could be best described as a fully rounded gaming experience.

That is why I have put together and compiled this rather comprehensive guide to playing at online casinos if you are based anywhere in the United Kingdom, for with such a large range of casino sites that are available to you, you do owe it to yourself to play only at those casinos that offer everything you could ever need from such a site.

Do however make a point of choosing a casino site that has been licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, for that way you have several addition benefits, such as knowing that your deposits are safe and secure and those UK licensed casinos are legally obliged to ensure players account balances are kept in a segregated bank account.

That does of course mean that no matter what you will always have access to you funds, and each of those licensed casinos are also obliged to ensure players have access to games that are certified and have been independently verified as being 100% fair and random too.

One other thing that you will benefit from when playing at a casino that does hold a UK gaming license is that you are always going to be able to make deposits in GBP.

That does of course mean that you will never be forced to have to swap your Pounds Sterling into another currency to be able to play at those sites, and will never risk losing some of the value of your deposits and withdrawals to currency exchange rate fees and currency exchange rate fluctuations either, which is always good to know of course.

With all of the above in mind please do read on as I will now give you an overview of some of the very best and top rated casino sites that players over the age of 18 are going to be very well catered for at and the casino sites that will be worth checking out and will certainly be worth playing at too.

Best UK Casino for Slot Games

Slot players are going to love the range of slot games available over at Luxury Casino, and the gaming platform you will be accessing at that site has been supplied by Microgaming and as such you will find their entire collection of slot machines on offer to you if you do give that casino site a try.

Those games currently number well in excess of 700 different casino games, and Microgaming also offer exclusive games from ten other game providers too, so there is no doubt in mind whichever types of slot machines you fancy playing you will find more than enough of them.

There are also going to be plenty of progressive slot machines available too at Luxury Casino, and being networked slot games you will notice those slot offering some life changing jackpots too, in fact over the entire time Microgaming progressive slots have been available they have paid out over £1billion in jackpots.

Do however consider playing at Luxury Casino initially via the free play no risk demo mode versions of their slots, as that way by playing as many of their slot machines as you fancy playing, you are soon going to be able to work out just which slots you will fancy playing at a later date for free.

 Another major benefit of playing at that casino site is that you will find  full list of all of their slot games on the casino website, but alongside that list of slot machines you will find the long term expected pay-out percentages that each slot has been designed to return to players over the long term.

I should also point out that they do also have some slot machines that have higher than average pay-out percentages, and those are the slot games you should be considering making a beeline to play, as they will, over the long term, give you more winning pay-outs.

All manner of ongoing bonuses are going to be available exclusively to slot players, and you will also be earning comp points as you play too, and often you will be amazed at just how many comp points that you can amass when you have had a long real money slot playing session at Luxury Casino.

Feel free to check out their website to see just what else is going to be coming your way if you do decide to give that casino a try, as I am more than convinced you will be very impressed by what you will discover when you do so.

Top UK Casino for Card Games

Casino card game players need look no further than the Blackjack Ballroom Casino site, for if there is one thing that you are going to find plenty of at that casino it is Blackjack games of every possible variant you can imagine, along with plenty of variants of Blackjack that you may never have played before too.

There are of course going to be plenty of benefits by signing up to that particular casino site, the first of which is their sign up bonus which has been designed in such a way you will get plenty of additional inning opportunities, so please do check out the terms and conditions of that welcome bonus, for it is one that many of you out there that are going to be very eager to claim for sure.

There will also be ongoing bonuses flowing your way at that casino site, and those bonuses do also boast a very fair set of terms and conditions, and if you do ever fancy making use of and claiming any of them they are always going to be instantly credited to your casino account balance, as soon as you have opted into them and made any qualifying deposit.

As for just which Blackjack game is going to be worth playing at Blackjack Ballroom Casino that any other blackjack games, well their single hand Classic Blackjack game has been designed with a set of game play rules and winning pay-outs that result in that variant when being played optimally to have a house edge of a very low in fact tiny 0.13%, making it a game all serious Blackjack players should be playing.

There is also a progressive Blackjack game on offer at that casino site too, and that game does of course have an ever-rising progressive jackpot attached to it, that will keep on rising in value until it is won.

Comps are always also awarded to players, so if you do set about playing or real money you will be earning comp points as you play, but do keep in mind you are never obliged to have to play for real money as you can get stuck into playing any casino card game for free via the demo mode version of those games, and they have an instant play and downloadable gaming platform and a state of the art mobile casino app that you can also make use of to access their games.

UK Casino with Big Bonuses

Bonuses can be very tempting to players these days, and there are going to be no shortages of sign up welcome bonuses that you can make use of when signing up to any UK licensed casino site.

However, what many players do tend to find out is that as soon as you accept the sign-up welcome bonuses from some casino sites is that you will rarely be offered any additional ones, however that will not be the case if you sign up to Grand Mondial Casino.

That casino has some of the very best promotions managers in the industry and they know that the best way to ensure their players always are prepared to come back for more gaming action is by offering them true valued bonuses and very frequently too.

As such that should be the main casino site you play at if you are a UK base casino game player that is eager to take advantage of the most generous bonus offers and promotional deals, for there will be no shortages of them available to you.

In fact, to help you decide whether those bonuses that casinos site is going to be offering you are going to help you lock in plenty of playing value and will give you most winning opportunities why not head on over to their website sooner rather than later and check out the terms and conditions of their bonuses.

I am more than confident that when you do just that you are going to discover just how generous and fair they are, and all bonuses that you choose to opt into and claim are always going to be added to your account instantly too.

As long as you do stick to the terms and conditions when claiming their bonuses, you are never going to experience any problems what so ever being able to cash out in full any and all winnings that you have been lucky enough to achieve, which is always good to know.

Featured UK Casino

One other casino site that really is going to live up to your very highest of expectations, and one that does cater for UK based players is Zodiac Casino, and no matter what games you are seeking out to play online, you will find more than enough of them waiting for you as a player of that casino site.

As for what makes that casino site one worthy of your real money gaming action, well to start with their sign up welcome bonus really is going to help you get off to a flying start as one of their new players, and as it comes with some very reasonable terms and conditions associated with it too, you could in big if you do decide to make use of it.

The gaming platforms are supplied by Microgaming, so you can opt to play online via an instant play type of gaming platform, or you can instead make use of their casino app which is an advanced one to say the least or you may prefer utilizing their fully downloadable gaming platform instead.

The games on offer have been designed with UK players in mind so you can of course play them for just a few pennies or some much higher stake amounts and with some games offering much higher than average pay-out percentages and some other games offering very low house edges, there will be plenty of them that will appeal to you directly, and will give you plenty of winning opportunities too.

Bonuses and comps are also what you are going to be benefitting from as a real money player at those casinos sites too and you are of course going to be able to get stuck into playing any of their Microgaming designed casino games for free if you so desire.

Just make sure that you do make a point of playing  diverse range of different games at that casino site for there are bound to be plenty of casino games available on each of their gaming platforms that you may never have seen or played before.

Plenty of new games will also be going live each month of the year too, and with hundreds of the best playing and highest paying games always on offer, you really are going to have an absolute ball playing at that casino site for sure, so do consider giving them a try sooner rather than later.